歌词let him go


[ti:let him go]
[ar:jchnny chen]
[00:00.00]英文名:let him go
[00:00.10]演唱:jchnny chen
[03:39.29][02:14.41][01:00.56][00:04.01]Why don't you let him go?为什么不放他走
[03:41.47][02:16.86][01:02.72][00:06.19]Let him go?放他走
[03:43.28][02:18.52][01:04.66][00:07.80]You told me a lie your heart is dying.你撒谎说你心已死
[03:46.39][02:21.48][01:07.68][00:11.14]Now you feel love alone cry on until noon.现在你感到爱在哭泣
[03:50.03][02:25.31][01:11.04][00:14.66]cause it's hardest when you found the whole.因你发现了事实真相 这真是太残酷了
[03:25.13][02:00.51][00:46.35]Why don't you let him go?为何不放他走
[03:27.06][02:02.50][00:48.49]Let him go? 放他走
[03:28.89][02:04.36][00:50.18]Because you will go away forever.因为你要永远离开
[03:32.30][02:07.76][00:53.58]If you let him go,如果你放他走
[03:34.02][02:09.65][00:55.33]Tell me this,my sweetheart.亲爱的 请告诉我
[03:35.73][02:11.22][00:57.16]You finally let him guide you in the door.你最终会让他指引你
[02:43.98][01:18.45]You close your eyes we found we know.你闭上眼睛 寻找往事
[02:46.39][01:22.49]Recall me on the good time.回想起美好的时光
[02:50.63][01:25.88]And you're smiling on your face 微笑浮现在你的脸上
[02:54.08][01:29.33]And you won't let him die away. 你不会让他死去
[02:57.55][01:32.71]Deepest in heart now I stay 我留在你心灵深处
[03:00.93][01:36.20]And deepest inside this is true.一片真心
[03:04.28][01:39.72]You feel so empty and broke the heart.你感到空虚 心碎
[03:07.76][01:43.54]And since you've gone it was only a part.自你走后 我就失魂落魄
[03:10.65][01:46.46]And never night and you will never know if you go inside.你占据我的心
[03:15.87][01:51.67]You lonely broken heart 你独自伤透了心
[03:17.46][01:53.14]So let him go. 所以让他走吧
[03:19.27][01:54.98]Let's upon going on. 让我们再续前缘
[03:20.98][01:56.79]You hardly have a chance to start.你和他几乎没有机会重新开始