歌词Now You Are Gone


[ti:Now You Are Gone]
[ar:Unknown Artist]
[al:Unknown ]
[00:01.00]英文名:Now You Are Gone
[00:01.10]演唱:Unknown Artist
[00:44][00:15]Never knew how much I loved you
[00:48][00:19]Never knew how much I need you
[00:52][00:23]Now you are gone
[00:53][00:25]I know how much I care
[00:59][00:30]Deep inside you're all I wanted
[01:02][00:34]All my nights I dream about you
[01:06][00:37]Tell me why
[01:08][00:39]Why did you leave me now
[01:13]Whenever you are near
[01:17]My eyes will be in tears
[01:20]I just can’t hide the pain I’ve got in me
[02:44][02:13][01:27]You and me ,used to be
[02:48][02:17][01:31]All the things I have never wished
[02:51][02:20][01:34]Now you are gone
[02:53][02:22][01:36]Part of me,Goes with you and turned to leave
[02:58][02:28][01:42]Can’t you see
[03:01][02:29][01:44]I'm in love ,I just wanna be with you
[03:15][03:06][02:35][01:49]Now you are gone, I'm all alone
[03:19][03:10][02:38][01:53]You left me with the broken heart .