歌词Let It Be


[ti:Let It Be]
[by:冷冰 - LRC歌词网 http://www.lrcgc.com]
[01:44.88][00:27.44]Why do I get the feeling I'm alone
[01:51.74][00:34.06]Can it be I'm so lonely without you
[01:58.60][00:40.83]Why should love be feeling that won't know which way to go
[02:05.51][00:47.75]And we'll~~ without you
[02:13.07][00:54.68]How can I understand
[02:16.52][00:57.98]Love is all an unforgiven plan
[02:19.87][01:01.30]And I will try I will try
[02:23.19][01:04.66]To make you understand the reasons why
[01:09.89][03:27.24][02:27.81]And there is a~~
[01:12.46][03:29.85][02:30.51]Trying to~~
[01:14.26][03:31.60][02:32.24]Something is not afair
[01:16.86][03:33.83][02:35.40]I'm now living out of no where
[01:19.38][03:36.40][02:38.00]As I try to get there
[01:21.13][03:38.03][02:38.98]Someone shuts my way
[01:23.49][03:40.57][02:41.50]And there is a turn to get the answers
[01:26.10][03:43.23][02:44.20]Try to be the someone you can count apart
[01:31.01][03:55.21][03:48.37][02:49.25]Something seems to tell me - let it be