歌词Sell My Soul


[ti:Sell My Soul]
[ar:Our Lady Peace]
[00:00.00]Our Lady Peace - Sell My Soul
[00:31.48]How do you feel
[00:32.85]How do you hate
[00:34.88]How do you wake up with the smile that's on your face
[00:40.52]Out on the moon
[00:42.27]If I was an astronaut
[00:44.73]Could I get back to you?
[00:47.95]I'm out of my head
[00:49.82]I'm out of excuses so I'm staring at the bed
[00:56.06]And it's you
[00:57.65]It's you...
[03:08.07][02:03.66][01:03.12]I hold on, I hold on
[03:11.68][02:07.37][01:06.78](I can’t let go)
[03:15.40][02:11.20][01:10.56]And you don't know, know how I feel
[03:19.58][02:15.36][01:14.78]Hold on, I hold on
[03:22.91][02:18.70][01:18.08](I'd sell my soul)
[03:26.79][02:22.59][01:22.05]And you don't know how I feel
[01:31.85]Losing my heart
[01:33.55]Losing my pride
[01:35.35]I'd burn our initials in the sun if it would shine
[01:40.99]I need a fresh start
[01:43.07]I was in heaven until this one fell apart
[01:48.71]Out on the run
[01:50.52]Out on this empty space since all of this begun
[01:56.98]I try
[01:58.55]I try...
[03:31.05][02:26.91]Hold on, hold on
[03:34.17][02:30.03](I can't let go...)
[03:38.16][02:33.97]And you don't how I feel
[02:38.46]And nothing seems to help
[02:42.51]And nothing seems to work
[02:46.23]And nothing isn't beautiful
[02:49.95]I'm old enough to take all the blame for all of us
[02:55.37]There's all the games and all the faces
[02:59.41]I'm bleeding by myself and I'm okay...
[03:43.86]I hold on
[03:45.77](I can't let go...)
[03:49.67]And you don't know how I feel