Lee Ryan
  • 发行:Bmg
  • 2005-08-09
  • 语言:英语
  • 推荐曲目:《Army Of Lovers》《Real Love》《Close to You》《Jump》
As a member of Blue Lee Ryan was a part of one of the biggest acts of his era. His solo debut single 'Army of Lovers' is a good indication of the stripped-back sound of his first self-titled album. E... [展开]






Wish The Whole World Knew Lee Ryan 861 热心网友
When I Think Of You Lee Ryan 803 热心网友
Turn Your Car Around Lee Ryan 783 热心网友
Real Love Lee Ryan 776 热心网友
Parking Lee Ryan 755 热心网友
Miss My Everything Lee Ryan 779 热心网友
Jump Lee Ryan 761 热心网友
In The Morning Lee Ryan 753 热心网友
How Do I? Lee Ryan 690 热心网友
Daydreamer Lee Ryan 792 热心网友
Close to You Lee Ryan 766 热心网友
Army Of Lovers Lee Ryan 727 热心网友